Zachary Raphael Cohn: Background, Education, Career, and Physical Appearance

Zachary Raphael Cohn: Background, Education, Career, and Physical Appearance

Zachary Raphael Cohn is widely known as the son of Elizabeth Vargas. This article covers everything you should know about him.


Zachary Raphael Cohn was born on January 31, 2003 (21 years old currently), to Elizabeth Vargas and Marc Cohn. He has a younger brother whose name is Samuel Wyatt Cohn. He was raised by his mother because his parents divorced when he was still very young. Aside from these, not much is known about his growing up.


Zachary Raphael Cohn graduated from Brewster Academy and joined Fisher College.


Zachary Raphael Cohn is known to be an athlete. He plays basketball professionally.

Physical Appearance

Zachary Raphael Cohn is a very handsome young man. He’s tall and has an average body size for someone of his age.

His Mother, Elizabeth Vargas

Zachary Raphael Cohn: Background, Education, Career, and Physical Appearance

Born 1962 in Paterson, New Jersey, Elizabeth Vargas was raised by her father, a military man. As a U.S. Army Colonel of Puerto Rican origin, Rafael Vargas’ service meant a childhood spent traveling. Elizabeth and her siblings Amy and Christopher lived in 14 homes across nine army bases and eight schools – a constant motion that taught Elizabeth to be adaptable.

This adaptability was crucial when Vargas discovered journalism. At Heidelberg High School in Germany she studied news. She studied journalism at the University of Missouri and graduated in 1984.

Vargas started in local news as a reporter and anchor. Stations in Missouri, Nevada and Arizona provided training grounds – including a position at Chicago’s WBBM in 1989. Here her talent caught national attention.

In 1993, Vargas joined NBC’s “Now with Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric,” which launched her national career. Along with these media giants, Vargas contributed to newsmagazine pieces. Realizing her potential, ABC News called two years later.

For more than two decades, ABC was Vargas’ professional home. Her resume grew quickly – anchoring “World News Tonight Sunday” and filling in for “Good Morning America.” But her investigative work on “20/20” cemented her name.

From child sexual abuse to addiction Vargas handled sensitive subjects with empathy and journalistic rigour. She could take audiences through complex stories and make them feel emotional. In 2006 she anchored “World News Tonight” with Bob Woodruff.

Vargas tackled some of today’s most pressing social issues during her tenure at “20/20.” She received Peabody Awards and Emmy nominations. But Vargas has an impact beyond awards. She made critical issues visible and forced others to face hard truths.

In 2018 Vargas wrote her first book. Leaving ABC she became the lead investigative reporter/documentary anchor for A&E Networks. That moved her into investigative reporting. She also began hosting Fox’s revival of crime show America’s Most Wanted at the same time – showing her willingness to use media for justice.

Vargas has a net worth of around USD 20 million, reflecting success in her career. Vargas has faced personal challenges too, outside of news. She spoke out about anxiety and alcoholism in 2014. Such vulnerability reached millions, showing her strength and willingness to share her experiences.