Valentina Fornaro Galliano: Background, Personal Life, and Family

Valentina Fornaro Galliano: Background, Personal Life, and Family

Valentina Fornaro Galliano is widely known as Cecilia Galliano’s daughter. Details about her are scant but here’s what we know about her:


There’s no information about Valentina Fornaro Galliano’s background, including her date of birth. We don’t know whether she has a sibling or how she grew up. All we know is that she is the daughter of Cecilia Galliano.

Education and Career

Just like her background, there’s no information anywhere about her education and career.

Personal Life

Valentina Fornaro Galliano seems to prefer a private life. She has managed to keep her personal life out of the public view.

Her Mother, Cecilia Galliano

Valentina Fornaro Galliano: Background, Personal Life, and Family

Born Cecilia Beatriz Galliano on 5 March 1976 in Marcos Juarez, Argentina, the charismatic Cecilia Galliano has made her mark on Mexican entertainment.

At 16 Galliano moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital. There, she worked modeling jobs and waitressing at a restaurant, her youthful determination a testament to her strong will. At 19 years old, destiny turned on her when she went to Mexico. It was a good decision, as she would later work as  the face of campaign for photographer Enrique Covarrubias that year.

Galliano’s undeniable beauty combined with her magnetic presence worked. She began to model for magazines and commercials in Mexico. But her talents went beyond the runway. Her fluency in Spanish brought her into television, where she began presenting the popular music program Los 10 primeros. This began a television career that would keep her audiences entertained for years.

Galliano was not done with her ambition there. She studied acting and attended workshops. In 2003 she got her first telenovela role in “Amor descarado” (Shameless Love). That opened the floodgates for her acting, with Galliano appearing in telenovelas including “Soy tu duena” (I Am Your Owner) and “Una familia con suerte” (A Lucky Family). Her strong and varied roles proved popular with audiences.

Beyond modeling and acting, Galliano was a natural television host because of her upbeat personality. For nearly six years she hosted the variety show Sabadazo with Laura G and Omar Chaparro. Wise and entertaining, she became a popular television personality.

Details about her formal education are not public but Galliano’s career trajectory speaks to her willingness to learn and improve. So she has always sought out opportunities to grow, be it in acting workshops or capturing a live audience.

While her exact net worth is private, Galliano’s modeling, acting and television hosting career suggests some level of financial security and success.

Galliano married fellow actor Sebastian Rulli from 2007 to 2011. The two have a son. And she’s been linked to actor Mark Tacher. She now concentrates on her career and family.

Anyone can follow Cecilia Galliano’s story of success. She began her career with humble beginnings in competitive entertainment. Beauty, talent and determination have made her a household name in Mexico and a favorite character throughout Latin America. But one thing is certain as she continues to explore new avenues – her journey is far from done.