Tina Louise Net Worth, Successful Career So Far, & More

Tina Louise Net Worth, Successful Career So Far, & More

Tina Louise is an American actress, who was born on 11 February 1934. In the year 2024 she is 90 years old and still alive. She has given a lot of hits throughout her career and that has kept her in the limelight till date.

So, in this article, we will see more about her career, professional life, and net worth in 2024, even if all these things might sound like a thing of past now.

Net Worth

We anticipate that her net worth should be $6 million in 2024.


She is an American actress but is now retired due to her old age. In the year 2024, she is 90 years old. Her most incredible work was portraying Ginger Grant in a series Gilligan’s Island. This was a comedy series that made Tina a sensation in the America. What’s interesting is that all the cast members of this show are now dead and only Tina remains alive as of 2024.

What Other Works Has She Done?

Apart from her popular role in Gilligan’s Island, Tina has done so many movies and TV shows. Here’s a list along with her role description in each:


  • God’s Little Acre: Griselda Walden, seductive daughter-in-law causing turmoil in a family’s gold quest.
  • The Hangman: Selah Jennison, love interest of a U.S. Marshal hunting a fugitive.
  • Day of the Outlaw: Helen Crane, saloon singer caught in standoff between outlaws and townspeople.
  • The Trap: Linda Anderson, nightclub singer involved with a corrupt attorney.
  • For Those Who Think Young: Topaz McQueen, sophisticated nightclub singer.
  • The Wrecking Crew: Lola Medina, seductive criminal mastermind.
  • The Happy Ending: Flo, glamorous friend of main character undergoing mid-life crisis.
  • The Stepford Wives: Charmaine Wimperis, liberated wife turned submissive robot housewife.
  • Look What’s Happened to Rosemary’s Baby: Marjean Dorn, woman involved in satanic cult sequel.
  • Hell Riders: Claire Delaney, woman terrorized by violent biker gang.

TV Shows

  • Gilligan’s Island: Ginger Grant, glamorous Hollywood movie star stranded on an uncharted island.
  • The Real McCoys: Rita, love interest in rural comedy series.
  • The Red Skelton Hour: Various Characters, guest star in comedy sketches.
  • The Good Guys: Claudia Gramus, recurring role as nightclub singer.
  • Love, American Style: Various Characters, appeared in multiple episodes of anthology comedy series.
  • Ironside: Marian Stuart, guest star in crime drama series.
  • Kojak: Diana Meridith, guest star in police procedural series.
  • Fantasy Island: Various Characters, guest star fulfilling personal fantasies on magical island.
  • Dallas: Julie Grey, secretary involved in corporate intrigue.
  • Santa Barbara: Phyllis Blake, scheming character in popular soap opera.


We can conclude that Tina is a retired actress, who has done so many tv shows and movies. Based on her role and character in those shows and movies, we can conclude that she has mostly been into adult characters, which are seductive and tempting. No wonder she did those roles because she herself has a great sex appeal and charming beauty. Even though she is retired, she still earns money, which is why she has a net worth of $6 billion. However, we are not sure about her active sources of income at this stage of her life.