Andrew Lincoln Net Worth, Profession, Career, & More

Andrew Lincoln Net Worth, Profession, Career, & More

The actual name of Andrew Lincoln is Andrew James Clutterbuck, who was born on September 14, 1973 in London. Some of the main career highlights that made him famous include movie Love Actually (2003) and the Walking Dead Series.

This article will help you explore career highlights, professional life, and successful life of Andrew Lincoln, which is his stage name.

Net Worth

Andrew Lincoln’s net worth settles at $30 million in the year 2024.

Acting Career Debut

Andrew started his acting career with small roles in “Drop the Dead Donkey” (1994) and “This Life” (1996-1997). This Life was one of the turning points for his acting career that landed him more jobs in the industry.

After that he starred in several hit movies. Some of them include:

  • Love Actually 2003
  • Penguin Bloom 2020
  • Red Nose Day Actually 2017
  • The Woman in White 1997
  • Heartbreaker 2010
  • Making of The Walking Dead
  • Human Traffic 1999
  • Scenes of a Sexual Nature 2006
  • Moonshot 2009
  • These Foolish Things 2006
  • Gangster No. 1 2000
  • Boston Kickout 1995

Hardships In His Career

Andrew was a victim of high competition and unrealistic beauty standards that were prevalent in the film industry. He gave auditions at so many places but it became almost impossible for him to bag roles in the beginning.

Who Is His Wife?

He is married to Gael Anderson since 2006. The couple maintains a really good and healthy marital life. Their marital life is very stable, which has given them two kids: Arthur Clutterbuck and Matilda Clutterbuck.

Who Else Is In His Family?

Andrew Lincoln Net Worth, Profession, Career, & More

Andrew has many people in his family including his parents, kids, and a wife. He also has a sibling Richard Clutterbuck.

Social Media Life

Andrew is growing on social media nowadays. His activities and presence on social media platforms is also helping him grow his fanbase. As his fanbase grows, he is raising his chance to get more movies because film producers tend to hire those actors who have a strong fanbase with active fans all over the world.

You can find him on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

What’s His Turning Point In His Career?

Andrew wasn’t a big star since the beginning of his career. What made him a big star is his role in the series The Walking Dead. TWD got so famous that they even made a video game series out of it. The series is based on Zombie virus breakout when the world is turning into Zombies. This series had 11 seasons before finally winding up in the year 2022. About 177 episodes were made, which were enough to make Andrew a rising star.


Andrew Lincoln is a popular actor who knows how to pull a great role in any given movie genre. Even though he has earned most of his popularity through The walking Dead Series, it doesn’t mean that people don’t like to see him in other roles. Apart from that, we can also say that he has managed to keep his married life well intact. Now that he is getting old, we can’t say for how long we will see him on the big screen.