Thomas Klebold: Background, Career, and More

Thomas Klebold: Background, Career, and More

Thomas Klebold isn’t a public figure but wound up in the spotlight after the 1999 killing of son Dylan Klebold. Understanding Thomas’s life demonstrates the tragedy and burden a family faces.


Particulars concerning Thomas’s childhood and upbringing are few. Public information focuses on his father role after the Columbine incidents. But he married Susan Yassenoff in 1971 and raised their two sons Byron and Dylan in a seemingly suburban Colorado home.


Thomas reportedly worked as an engineer, which suggested stability and practicality.

Aftermath of the Shooting

That shooting put a tremendous strain on the Klebold family afterward. Thomas and Susan received intense public scrutiny and media attention. They left public life for the privacy of their broken family. One documented attempt to reclaim some sense of normality was their legal battle to prevent Dylan’s autopsy from being released. This action showed they wanted to protect their son’s memory even as they grieved for his actions.

Net Worth

Thomas’ net worth isn’t public but we can probably assume it was not a significant factor in his life. The psychological cost of the tragedy would far outweigh any financial considerations.

Personal Life

The family’s desire for privacy understandably makes understanding Thomas’s private life post-Columbine difficult. Yet some light on their struggle comes from Sue Klebold’s book. The grief, guilt, and desperate search for answers describe what she describes. Their story – while largely private – is a reminder of just how broad violence can be.

Columbine shattered the lives of all those directly involved but also ignited a national discussion about mental health, school security and also the effects of media violence. Not a participant in the event itself, Thomas Klebold became a symbol of the unimaginable cost to families dealing with the unthinkable actions of a loved one. His story teaches us all about open communication, parental involvement and help when needed.

Understand that the Columbine shooting is just part of Thomas Klebold’s life story – it isn’t his whole life. He was a father and husband and a life experience holder. Respecting the Klebold family’s privacy is important, but understanding Thomas’s life in the larger context can help us understand the tragedy better.

His Son, Dylan Klebold

Dylan Klebold (1981-1999) was a Columbine High School shooter. Besides the tragic event, details about his life paint a picture of a troubled young man whose potential was never realized.

Dylan spent his childhood playing typical suburban games and activities. But he spent his teen years in social isolation and felt alienated at Columbine High School. These experiences and possibly some anger and/or depression led to a downward spiral.

Dylan never had formal career plans. He seemed to look down a dark path with his accomplice, Eric Harris.

Dylan has few details about his private life. He probably had friendships and interests but they were eclipsed by Columbine events.

That tragedy reminds us of the need to recognize youth issues and address them. Understanding Dylan’s story may prevent similar acts in the future.