Susan Anne Povich: Family, Education, Net Worth, and Personal Life

Susan Anne Povich: Family, Education, Net Worth, and Personal Life

Who exactly is Susan Anne Povich? Find out all you need to know about her in this article.


Susan Anne Povich was born on December 30, 1964 (currently 59 years old), in the United States. She is the daughter of American TV personality, Maury Povich and Phyllis Minkoff. Susan has two siblings; Amy Povich and Matthew Jay Povich. Details of her growing up are not available to the public.


Susan Anne Povich graduation from the University of Michigan. She also attended Harvard University.


Susan Anne Povich works as a lawyer and chef. She is also a businesswoman.

Physical Appearance

Susan measures 5 feet and 7 inches or 170 cm in height.

Net Worth

Estimates put her net worth around $2-$5 million.

Personal Life

Susan Anne Povich is married to Ralph Winthrop Gorham. Together they have two children; Jesse Ralph (Son) and Charley Ralph (Daughter).

Her Father, Maury Povich

Susan Anne Povich: Family, Education, Net Worth, and Personal Life

A household name synonymous with dramatic paternity tests and daytime talk show theatrics, Maury Povich has worked more than six decades. But before his trademark “You are NOT the father!” pronouncements, Povich worked in journalism and became a television personality who reshaped talk show format.

Born in 1939 in Washington D.C., Povich got his start in media from his father – sportswriter Shirley Povich – of the Washington Post. Povich began his media career after graduating from the Landon School and the University of Pennsylvania in television journalism.

His early career involved radio reporting and later television. Local stations in Washington D.C. became his training ground for news, sports and a daily talk show called Panorama. Povich’s charisma and journalistic background worked.

The late 1980s were pivotal in Povich’s career. It got him the tabloid news show “A Current Affair” on Fox. This sensationalist take on current events launched Povich into national prominence. But Povich’s journalistic sensibilities reportedly clashed with the show’s increasingly exploitative material and he left in 1990.

Profiting from his new fame, Povich launched his own talk show in 1991, initially called The Maury Povich show. The show discussed various subjects, but it veered toward more sensational material like paternity tests and relationship drama. Povich delivered the show’s signature phrase “You are NOT the father!,” which became a pop culture phenomenon.

But despite criticism for its focus on social dysfunction, “Maury” found an audience. Its dramatic confrontations, lie detector tests and outlandish themes regularly earned Povich huge ratings as a daytime talk show king. “Maury” ran for more than 30 seasons, finishing in 2022.

Povich has a net worth of at least tens of millions of dollars. But he has never focused on financial gain alone.

Povich has kept her private life low-key. In the 1960s he married Phyllis Minkoff with whom he has two daughters, Susan Anne and Amy Joyce. Since 1984 he has been married to broadcast journalist Connie Chung, with whom he adopted a son, Matthew Jay.