Seth Green’s Net Worth: How Much is He Worth?

Seth Green’s Net Worth: How Much is He Worth?

Seth Green is a name synonymous with comedic characters and animation in Hollywood. With a career spanning acting, directing, producing and voice acting he amassed a significant financial net worth. But how did this childhood actor become an entertainment powerhouse?

Early Life and Education

Born in 1974 in Philadelphia, Seth Green started acting at age seven in commercials. His early talent was obvious – he landed roles in 1980s films including “The Hotel New Hampshire” and “Radio Days.”

However, Green did not neglect academics despite his burgeoning acting career. He attended the private Waldron Mercy Academy and graduated with a film degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). But Hollywood lured too much, and Green left UCLA to pursue an acting career – a move that paid off handsomely.

Net Worth

Green has amassed around USD 40 million in net worth.

Factors That Contribute to His Net Worth

So what has driven Seth Green’s financial success? Let’s explore the factors that have made him rich.

Building a Blockbuster Career

The path Green took to financial security began with acting. Roles in films including “The Cannibalistic Tendencies in the Year 2000” (1988) and “Big Business” (1988) established him as a promising young actor. Nevertheless, it was his portrayal of the sarcastic but lovable Oz in the cult classic “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (1997-2003) that really made him mainstream. That role earned him fans and opened doors to bigger roles.

Comedy Kingpin: Television Triumphs

Green starred as Chris Griffin, the witty patriarch of the dysfunctional Griffin family on the animated sitcom “Family Guy” (1999-present). His voice acting skills on this perennial hit have solidified his comedic chops and created a steady income stream.

Beyond Quahog: Beyond Marvel Cinematic Universe

Seth Green’s Net Worth: How Much is He Worth?

Green’s voice appeared in more than just “Family Guy”: He portrayed Leonardo in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (2014-2017) and Howard the Duck in various Marvel Cinematic Universe projects. Such varied voice acting roles showed his versatility and also made him more accessible to a wider audience, generating new fans and additional income.

Live Action Laughs: From Sitcoms to the Big Screen

While animation became a staple, Green did not give up live-action acting. Among them were the sitcoms Robot Chicken (2005-present), which he co-created, and which further solidified his comedic chops. He also acted in films like “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” (1997) and its sequels, which also showed his comedic timing on the big screen. These varied live-action roles kept him relevant and fetched him a good sum of money.

From Acting to Architect

Green has ambitions beyond acting and voice acting. His own production company Stoopid Buddy Stoodios has dabbled in production and direction. This company produced shows like “Robot Chicken” and “Tom Green Live,” giving him other income streams and creative control of his projects.


Seth Green’s net worth is a reflection of his diverse career path, his ability to adapt to a competitive industry, and his smart business decisions. This man is an authentic Hollywood success story – showing that talent paired with hard work and an entrepreneurial streak can bring financial security and lasting creative impact.