Monet Poole Life Summary, Kids, Family, & More

Monet Poole Life Summary, Kids, Family, & More

Monet Poole is an American civilian who lives a low life, totally out of limelight. However, her son Jordan Poole became a famous sports athlete, which dragged Monet to the limelight.

In this article, you will learn about Monet Poole, her life summary so far, about her kids, family, relationships, her low life, & more.

Monet’s Life Summary

The life of Monet is more popular as a mother who has raised a famous sports personality. When people talk about Jordan Poole, they also sometimes talk about his mother Monet.

She was born on 19 March 1973 but we don’t know exactly when she started dating or married.

Her Love Life

Monet is married to Anthony Poole, who is a sports coach. Her love life has always revolved around Anthony and she has never been reported to have been involved with other men, which shows her true love and affection for Anthony.

Career & Profession

We found that she is a social worker by profession. She has never revealed much about her professional works, but assuming that she is now the mother of a famous sports person, being a social worker is a good place for her. Not only she will improve the image of Jordan’s personality in other people’s mind, she is also staying a low life that she wishes for.

Raising A Star Kid

She has raised a star kid Jordan Poole, who has made his mom and dad famous, otherwise Monet and Anthony would have been living a low life overall.

Who’s Jordan Poole Afterall?

Jordan Poole is an American basketball shooting guard who was born on 19 June 1999. Even at such a young age, Monet’s sole son has played for multiple teams as follows:

  • Golden State Warriors (2019–2023)
  • Washington Wizards (2023 till date)

Living A Low Life

Monet Poole Life Summary, Kids, Family, & More

It’s obvious that if Jordan was not famous, Monet would not have been famous either. That’s because since her childhood, Monet has lived a very simple life overall.

That is why you will not get to know about her academics and other important life events of hers.

Has Monet Ever Wished For A High Profile Life?

No, Monet never wanted to become famous desperately. However, if you’re wondering why she is living a high profile life then, that’s because she’s living a life that comes to her.

What Are Some Famous Public Appearances Of Monet?

We found one post on Jordan’s Instagram account, where Monet was flaunting her son’s Football Jersey along with Anthony, her daughter, and Jordan in the photo. This was taken at an event, which counts as one of limited public appearances of Monet.

Does She Have Just One Child?

No some references suggest that she has a total of 4 kids, where 3 of them are again, low life. Only one got famous and we don’t know where are the other 3.


So what can we conclude from Monet’s Life? She’s a celebrity mom of Jordan Poole. Her son has no doubt achieved a good career quite early. Then Monet is also not a fan of high profile life either.