Rose Gerard Pacino Life Summary, Death Details, & More

Rose Gerard Pacino Life Summary, Death Details, & More

Rose Gerard Pacino was the mother of famous actor Al Pacino. Even though she departed young, she still has given the world a famous and successful actor AI Pacino.

This article aims to highlight some beautiful facts and details about this passed away lady.


Rose Gerard was born to Kate and James Gelardi. Both the parents have always lived a very low profile life, just like any ordinary citizen.

Life Overview

We have concluded that the overall life of Rose is very simple and sweet. She has nothing to do with the limelight or has not built a unique identity. She was born in 1918 and died in 1962.

Rise to Fame

Rose has risen to fame because of her child Al Pacino, who is an American Actor, currently alive in 2024. There are several actors in the American entertainment industry by Al Pacino has made an impact in the 90’s Hollywood, which was one of his best times in his entire career. That’s what triggered her mother to get famous automatically.

Her Life Instances

Rose had a close connection to theatre and that’s why she wanted her son to follow her footsteps. In order for her son to become a good actor, she took Al Pacino to Tennessee.

Some sources suggest that Rose had a really great sense of humour but would sometimes stay in the closet, out of the sight of the world.

Perhaps she was in the depression due to some unknown reasons. People who were living around her have used to describe Rose as a woman who was fragile, troubled by some unknown forces, but a kind soul, all at the same time.

Following her constant and long-lasting depression and mental illness, Rose started her medications and later got addicted to Barbiturates because that used to give her calmness and relief.

Barbiturates That Potentially Took Her Life

Rose Gerard Pacino Life Summary, Death Details, & More

It is said that Rose’s addiction to Barbiturates was the main cause of her death. She was 43 at that time in the year 1962.

How Was Rose’s Financial Status?

It’s suggested that Rose was perhaps not doing well in terms of financial stability. Her mental illness, addiction to Barbiturates was another bumper in her financial life.

Shortly before Rose died, her son got a role in Elia Kazan’s “America America. Upon being casted, Al Pacino called his mom and told her about the role. He also said that now you will get well soon and we will make some money.

This was one of the most heart touching instances in the life of Al Pacino and Rose Gerard Pacino, which must be revealed to the world.

Tragic Missing Of Al’s Audition

While Al Pacino told her mom about the casting, he didn’t really made it to the auditions. He got late and missed the auditions, putting him out of the job.


Al Pacino’s mother Rose Gerard Pacino was one of the fragile ladies, who was suffering from depression and got addicted to Barbiturates. Her addiction and overdose of medicines is said to be the cause of her death at a beautiful age of just 43 years.