Recalling Memorable Life Of Eva Barbara Fegelein

Recalling Memorable Life Of Eva Barbara Fegelein

Eva Barbara Fegelein was one of the shooting execution victims, who still has so many untold stories. She was shot to be executed on 25 April 1971.

This article aims to focus on the life insights of this young and innocent lady so that the world knows how much injustice she has faced in her life.

Eva’s Biography

Eva Barbara Fegelein was born on May 15, 1945 who was shot dead at quite an early age.

What Makes Eva So Famous?

Eva’s dad Hermann Fegelein was a commander of a high rank Waffen-SS at the time of Nazi Germany. Also, he was working closely with Adolf Hitler. But Hermann was suspected to be a traitor or perhaps doing some secretive things behind the Nazi’s back, which led to his execution. He was shot dead by the Nazi on 25 April 1971.

Due to Eva’s dad’s such a broad lifestyle, it made Eva famous too. Along with that, Eva’s family was all close to Adolf Hitler and his team.

What Happened With Eva’s Dad?

Eva’s dad was not liked by some Nazi members due to his links with Himmer. So Hitler ordered his team to find Hermann.

Later, Eva’s dad was found with a load of cash and passport in a sexual engagement with his mistress. He was heavily under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Later he testified and was shot dead on Hitler’s orders.

He was testified by SS-Brigadeführer Wilhelm Mohnke.

What Was Eva’s Dad’s Testament?

The testament stated that Eva’s dad was so under the heavy influence of drugs and alcohol that he could barely stand.

Also, it was testified that he was not loyal to Hitler but to Himmler instead. This was an act of a traitor, which is why he was asked to be executed at the earliest.

Who Else Was In Her Family?

Eva’s family members included:

  • Gretl Braun (her mom)
  • Eva Braun (Gretl Braun’s sister)

Eva Braun

She was a photographer, who was also the wife of Adolf hitler for a short time. In that sense, Eva was the aunt of Eva Barbara, making Adolf Hitler uncle in law of Eva Barbara, who we are talking about in this article. She was born on 6 February 1912 and died on 30 April 1945. Eva Braun joined ADolf Hitler and decided to stay with him. Adolf saw her loyalty to him and so they married. Perhaps Braun was more into Adolf than vice versa. It is said that Braun threw herself to Adolf.

Gretl Braun

Gretl Braun, mother of Eva Barbara was a member of Adolf Hitler’s inner social circle. She was born in August 1915 but died 72 years later on 10 October 1987.

How Did Eva Barbara Die?

She committed a suicide in the year April 1971 after she lost her boyfriend in a car crash.


Following Eva and his father’s death, Gretl decided to move on. She moved to Munich and married another guy. But we don’t know who.


Eva Barbara was a young and fine girl, who was related to Adolf Hitler. He was the uncle in law of Eva Barbara for a short time and everyone in Eva’s family was either working for Hitler or was related to him.