Ramone Malik Hill: Family, Education, and Net Worth

Ramone Malik Hill: Family, Education, and Net Worth

Ramone Malik Hill is mostly known as one of the sons of Rocko, the rapper. Here’s what we know about him.


Ramone Malik Hill was born on November 3, 1995 (currently 28 years old). His father is the popular rapper, Rocko, and the names of his brothers are Rodney Ramone Hill III and Romelo Montez Hill.

Education and Career

Ramone Malik Hill seems to prefer a private life as details of his career and education are not available to the public.

Net Worth

Since we do not know career or job, it’s hard to give an estimate of his net worth.

His Father, Rocko

Ramone Malik Hill: Family, Education, and Net Worth

Born Rodney Jerkins in Long Beach, California, Rocko showed early musical talent. By 10 he was producing beats – a natural at making infectious melodies. Such an early aptitude was no fluke. Rocko grew up in a musical family. His dad is record producer Rodney Jerkins Sr. who has worked with many popular artists. Rocko’s younger brother Dallas Austin is also a producer – music seems to be their family language.

The formal schooling Rocko received was secondary to his musical endeavors. Realizing his potential, his family nurtured his talent, and studios became his classrooms. He honed his production skills and has produced beats for Aaliyah and Timbaland. His first contacts with industry insiders sharpened his skills and gave him connections.

By 1999 Rocko was not just producing for others. He came into his own spotlight. He signed a deal with Jive Records and released “Rocko.” That record, with its breakout single “All I See is Stars”, established him as a rising rap star. The audience for his smooth, melodic flow and catchy hooks was predominantly Southern hip-hop scene.

Rocko continued to be successful with his sophomore album Superstar in 2001. This album contained the RnB hit Can’t Let Go, written by R. Kelly. The infectious melody and Rocko’s signature style made the album platinum.

Rocko continued to release music, work with others and start his own record label, Hilltop Records, through the 2000s. He discovered and nurtured new talent like The Ying Yang Twins whose Wait (The Whisper Song) became a cultural phenomenon. Rocko had an impact beyond music. his trademark braids were a style trend in the South.

But behind the glitz and glam, Rocko is a great parent. He has 3 sons – Rodney Ramone Hill III, Romelo Montez Hill, and Ramone Malik Hill. His eldest son, Rodney III, has gone into music under the stage name Rodneyy.

Net worth estimates put Rocko’s wealth at USD 10 million. This includes his music sales, production credits and business endeavors. But net worth is a snapshot and does not include the influence Rocko has had on the music industry.

Rocko has talent, dedication and family. He has always pushed boundaries – from a young prodigy to an artist and entrepreneur. Though he’s produced less music recently, Rocko still has an impact on the industry.