Marlow Alice Cross: Background, Family, Future Path, and More

Marlow Alice Cross: Background, Family, Future Path, and More

Marlow Alice Cross is the daughter of celebrity couple Amber Tamblyn and David Cross. Not yet in the spotlight herself because of her young age, Marlow Alice has become known as the daughter of two successful entertainment industry figures. Here’s what we know about Marlow Alice Cross:


Marlow Alice was born in Brooklyn, New York in February 2017. Her grandparents are actors Russ Tamblyn and comedian Susi Cross.

Personal Life

Information regarding the life of Marlow Alice is unknown. But her parents have occasionally posted glimpses on social media of her photos as a baby and toddler.

Future Path

Given her parents’ careers in the entertainment industry, it is possible that Marlow Alice will follow in their footsteps. However, she is still young and her future is open to all possibilities.

Her Parents, Amber Tamblyn and David Cross

Marlow Alice Cross: Background, Family, Future Path, and More

Movie star power couples move on and off, but Amber Tamblyn and David Cross have made a lasting and creative partnership work. Each has built impressive careers while sharing a life together.

Amber Tamblyn: Child Star – Activist Auteur

Born in 1978 in Los Angeles, Amber Tamblyn made her debut on the Hollywood scene early on. At just 10 years old, Tamblyn appeared in the television series General Hospital before moving on to film roles in movies such as Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and “Winifred Sanderson.” She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in film and writing – a testament to her intellectual curiosity and drive to create.

Tamblyn started writing alongside acting. She published a young adult novel, Any Soldier, and a book of poems, The Dark Spark. This artistic duality defines Tamblyn – successful actress with a sharp literary mind and social justice voice.

In 2005, Tamblyn founded Time’s Up, a movement challenging gender inequality in Hollywood. And she continues to champion social causes by raising awareness and inspiring change.

David Cross: The Stand-Up Iconoclast

David Cross began developing comedic sensibilities early in his life in Atlanta, Georgia. He learned stand-up in New York City, where his observational humor and deadpan delivery quickly won fans. Many of Cross’ stand-up routines dealt with social and political issues with a sardonic wit that engaged audiences and provoked conversation.

Television success followed as Cross starred as the cynical and socially awkward Tobias Funke on the sitcom “Arrested Development.” It became a pop-culture phenomenon to portray him as comic timing and an eccentric character.

Cross has a career beyond television. His films have included animated features and he tours as a stand-up comedian. His craft and willingness to break boundaries have cemented his place as one of comedic voices of his generation.

Building a Life Together

Tamblyn married Cross in 2007. It seems their opposite personalities work well together. Tamblyn’s earnestness counters Cross’ cynicism, and their love of arts makes them a good creative team. They have worked together on projects including the film You Hurt My Feelings, about a married couple dealing with communication issues based on their own experiences.

Their exact net worth is private, but Tamblyn and Cross have careers that suggest some security. They are notoriously private about their personal lives – especially their daughter Marlow Alice (born in 2017).