Paulina Anne Nassif: Background, Education, and Family

Paulina Anne Nassif: Background, Education, and Family

Paulina Anne Nassif is the youngest child of celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif and his wife Brittany Nassif. While Paulina is still too young to have her own career or public persona, she has garnered attention due to her famous parents.

Early Life and Background

Paulina Anne Nassif was born on October 12th, 2020, at 7:42 AM, weighing 7 lbs., 13 oz.  News of her arrival was shared by her proud parents on social media, with Dr. Nassif expressing his joy at welcoming his first daughter and “a living, breathing extension of our hearts.”  Paulina joins her three older half-brothers, Gavin, Christian, and Collin, from Dr. Nassif’s previous marriage.

Since Paulina is very young, details about her early life are understandably limited and private. However, glimpses into her world can be found through her parents’ social media posts.


Given her young age, Paulina has yet to embark on a formal education. However, with her parents’ background, it’s likely she will receive access to high-quality educational opportunities in the future.

Net Worth

Since Paulina is not currently employed and is financially dependent on her parents, it would be difficult to assign her a net worth. However, we do know that her father, Dr. Paul Nassif, is currently worth about $40 million. This automatically means that Paulina will live a very comfortable life as she grows older.

Height and Physical Appearance

There’s no information on the internet regarding Paulina’s physical appearance. However, details of her physical appearance will be in the public as she grows older.


Paulina comes from a blended family. Her parents, Dr. Paul Nassif and Brittany Nassif, married in September 2019. Paulina has three older half-brothers from her father’s previous marriage: Gavin, Christian, and Collin.

Dr. Paul Nassif is a well-known Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who rose to fame through his appearances on the reality TV show “Botched.” Brittany Nassif is a former dental assistant who now focuses on raising her family.

Personal Life

Given her young age, Paulina’s personal life is essentially nonexistent in the public eye. Her parents likely prioritize her privacy and focus on providing a nurturing and loving environment for her to grow up in.

Social Media Presence

Paulina, understandably, doesn’t have her own social media presence.  However, she does occasionally appear in photos and videos posted by her parents on their social media accounts.  These glimpses offer a curated view into Paulina’s life, showcasing her milestones and adorable moments.

Fun Facts

Paulina’s arrival was a joyous occasion for her parents, especially Dr. Nassif, who was finally welcoming a baby girl after having three sons. In October 2021, Paulina celebrated her first birthday with a “Baby Shark” themed party, as seen on her parents’ social media.

Paulina is likely to grow up surrounded by the world of medicine and aesthetics, given her father’s profession.


Paulina Anne Nassif, though young, has already captured the hearts of her family and fans of her parents. While her future path remains unwritten, one thing is certain, she will be surrounded by love and support as she grows up.


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