Nico Ann Deneault: Daughter of American Punk Rock Singer, GG Allin

Nico Ann Deneault: Daughter of American Punk Rock Singer, GG Allin

Nico Ann Deneault is a celebrity kid and the daughter of American punk rock singer, GG Allin. This article covers everything you need to know about her.


Nico Ann Deneault was born March 13, 1986 (currently 38 years old) to GG Allin from his relationship with Tracy Deneault.

Education and Career

Details about Nico Ann Deneault’s education and career are unavailable to the public. This is mostly because she lives a private life.

Personal Life

Nico Ann Deneault: Daughter of American Punk Rock Singer, GG Allin

Nico has chosen to remain a secret from the glare of her father’s spotlight. Little is known of her publicly.

Her Father, GG Allin

GG Allin, born Kevin Michael Allin, was an infamous punk rocker who performed brutal acts of violence, self-mutilation and body fluids on stage. His music became cultish but his legacy is complex and disturbing.

Born in cester, New Hampshire, in 1956, Allin had a troubled upbringing. He had a physically abusive father – a truck driver – and a mentally ill mother. This chaotic environment probably shaped Allin’s rebellious streak.

Details on Allin’s education are scant. He left high school and did little conventional schooling. But he did enjoy music – particularly shock rock artists like Alice Cooper and Iggy Pop. Dieser influence, combined with his own anger and disillusionment, would later fuel his aggressive musical style.

Allin began playing in various short bands in the mid-1970s. Then he formed The Murder Junkies, known for its raw, aggressive sound and increasingly outrageous performances. They often included self-inflicted violence, defecation onstage and audience confrontations. Allin considered these acts artistic expressions of rebellion against societal conventions and the hypocrisy he saw in the world.

The controversy aside, Allin developed a following among fans who appreciated his raw energy and anti-establishment themes. He released several albums – mostly on independent labels – including Eat My Shit and Murder Junkies. But his music was often masked by his infamous stage persona.

Allin died of self-destruction. He abused drugs and alcohol causing erratic behavior and violent tendencies. There were multiple scrapes with the law – assault, public indecency and damage to property. His lifestyle and limited commercial success made his net worth at the time of his death to be low.

The personal life of Allin mirrored his public image. He had several troubled relationships involving violence and abuse. He has a daughter, Nico Ann Deneault, but was not present in her life. His most famous was with Tracy Deneault, who appeared with him on stage antics.

On June 28, 1993, Allin was dead of a heroin overdose in a friend’s apartment. He died days after reportedly wanting to die onstage.

But GG Allin is still a controversial guy. Some see him as a social commentary artist whose shocking performances were artistically flawed. Some consider him a disturbed individual who exploited shock for attention. His music remains popular but not commercially successful.