Matthew Eric Smith Wiki, Parents and siblings and more

Matthew Eric Smith

Some people get popularity in the world for good reasons and there are some who grab the attention of people for their notorious works and Matthew Eric Smith is the one who falls in the second category. He was a thief who died in 2023 while stealing a catalytic converter. This incident attracted huge media attention and made Matthew Eric Smith popular overnight.

However, today we are not here to talk about that but about the life details of Matthew Eric Smith. So get into the article.

Bio of Matthew Eric Smith

There is not at all any information available about the biography of Matthew Eric Smith because he was not a celebrity as such. From the names of his parents to his age and also his love life, nothing is available.

Wiki of Matthew Eric Smith

If we talk about the basic details of Matthew Eric Smith, the only confirmed thing you will get here is his nationality which is American. Apart from that, other details like his ethnicity, religious beliefs, social interests, personal hobbies, and other such details are under wraps. To add further, he died in 2023 and was 32 years old at that time.

Parents and siblings

Like many other life details of Matthew Eric Smith, nothing is available about his family background as well. This is why you are unlikely to find anything about his parents as well as siblings from their names to their professional details.

Physical appearance

A single photo of Matthew Eric Smith was shown in the media when he died. According to that, Matthew Eric Smith was a tall man with a dusky complexion and black a little long hair. He had a beard and his eyes were kind of small.

Early life and education

Don’t expect to get anything about the childhood and education of Matthew Eric Smith because he hasn’t revealed any such information. However, we believe that Matthew Eric Smith was not an educated man because he wouldn’t have been doing such illegal activities if he had received a good education.

Career and future plans

Matthew Eric Smith probably did not have any career because he was a thief and was arrested more than a dozen times. Given this fact, we can say that he didn’t have any profession and was just used to do robbery and criminal activities.

Hobbies and favorite things

There is nothing available about the hobbies and favorite things of Matthew Eric Smith but we believe that robbery was his hobby because he was quite active in it even after getting imprisoned many times.

Matthew Eric Smith Net worth

Not any confirmed information is available on the net worth of Matthew Eric Smith. However, one thing is sure he didn’t have any net worth as such because he was just a thief and used to do small robberies.


Life is unpredictable and can make you famous anytime like Matthew Eric Smith. Just a single incident in Matthew Eric Smith’s life gave him worldwide attention and landed him in the news headlines.