Luke Rubenfeld Wiki, Early life and education and more

Luke Rubenfeld

Here, we are going to talk about a celebrity brother who himself is not active in the media as well as social media but his brother and sister are renowned personalities. To clear the air and tell you clearly, Luke Rubenfeld is the brother of American actor and comedian Paul Reubens. Read the article to unfold the life details of Luke Rubenfeld.

Bio of Luke Rubenfeld

Luke Rubenfeld is the 66-year-old son of Judy Rubenfeld and Milton Rubenfeld. If you talk about his personal life, we believe that Luke Rubenfeld must have gotten married so far, he is already quite old. However, he preferred to keep the details to himself only.

Wiki of Luke Rubenfeld

Luke Rubenfeld was born on 29 December 1958 and is an American by nationality. Apart from that, nothing can be found about the basic details of Luke Rubenfeld such as his faith, charity works, hobbies, personal interest, social presence, and other such details.

Parents and siblings

Luke Rubenfeld is one of three children of his parents, Judy Rubenfeld and Milton Rubenfeld, who were her professionally successful personalities. The mother of Luke Rubenfeld worked as a teacher and his father was a pilot. They achieved success not just in their professional careers but their personal lives were a great success as well.

They got married in 1951 and remained together for more than 50 years till the death of Luke Rubenfeld’s father in 2004. If you talk about the siblings of Luke Rubenfeld, he has one brother and one sister and their names are Paul Reubens and Abby Rubenfeld.

Physical appearance

Although Luke Rubenfeld is a celebrity brother, he never makes public appearances. This is the reason it is hard to say anything about the physical appearance of Luke Rubenfeld.

Early life and education

Like many other celebrity siblings, Luke Rubenfeld is also not very open when it comes to his personal life. This is why nothing is available about the early life educational background of Luke Rubenfeld. Nevertheless, owing to the good financial status of his parents, we believe that Luke Rubenfeld must have received a good education.

Career and future plans

Luke Rubenfeld

It’s not only the educational background of Luke Rubenfeld that is a secret to the public but he has not dropped any details related to his professional career as well. However, we expect that Luke Rubenfeld might be professionally well-established right now, considering his family background.

Hobbies and favorite things

We are not at all surprised after knowing the fact Luke Rubenfeld has not revealed any information about his hobbies and favorite things because he hasn’t shared anything about his personal life.

Luke Rubenfeld Net worth

We have no idea about the net worth of Luke Rubenfeld because he never bothered to disclose any details about his profession. If we had known anything about his profession, we would have been able to assume his net worth as well.


Luke Rubenfeld is probably not interested in enjoying celebrity status and stardom because he has never ever been spotted in the public as well as the media.