Laurence K. Avanzino Wiki, Parents and siblings and more

Laurence K. Avanzino

Laurence K. Avanzino is a celebrity father and the name of his daughter is Kathy Hilton, a famous American fashion designer and actress, who has accomplished huge name, fame, and success in her life. This is the reason she makes her father popular even after his death. Here, we are going to discuss all the life details of Laurence K. Avanzino. So, read further.

Bio of Laurence K. Avanzino

Laurence K. Avanzino left the world at the age of 61 and the names of his parents were Laurence Kenneth Larry Avanzino Sr and Elizabeth Jean Chisholm Avanzino. Coming to the married life of Laurence K. Avanzino, he married American casting director Kathleen Mary Big Kathy Dugan Fenton in 1958. Whether they had a successful married life or not is not confirmed.

Wiki of Laurence K. Avanzino

Apart from the American nationality of Laurence K. Avanzino, nothing is available about his basic life details including his ethnicity, religious beliefs, social presence, political views, and many other such information. If we talk about his birth and death, he was born in 1935 and died in 1997.

Parents and siblings

Laurence K. Avanzino

Laurence K. Avanzino was the beloved son of Laurence Kenneth Larry Avanzino Sr and Elizabeth Jean Chisholm Avanzino. Besides the names, nothing much is available about his parents either. From their married life to their professional careers, everything is a complete secret. How many kids they exactly had is also not confirmed but Laurence K. Avanzino had one sibling and his name was Kenneth Chisholm Avanzino.

Physical appearance

Nothing can be said about the physical appearance of Laurence K. Avanzino because he himself was not a celebrity and never used to make any public appearances as such when he was alive.

Early life and education

Like many other details, there is not at all any information available about the early life and education of Laurence K. Avanzino as well. Not just Laurence K. Avanzino but his celebrity daughter has also not discussed anything regarding this matter.

Career and future plans

This is again something that is unknown about Laurence K. Avanzino. What he used to do professionally and whether or not he was successful in his profession is a complete mystery to the public. With the fact that Laurence K. Avanzino is already dead, there is no chance of him having future plans.

Hobbies and favorite things

Not any significant details are available about Laurence K. Avanzino, let alone his hobbies and favorite things. Also, the media as well as social media was not this much active at that time when Laurence K. Avanzino was alive, so such personal information would hardly come in public.

Laurence K. Avanzino Net worth

We would not have been able to say anything about the earnings and net worth of Laurence K. Avanzino if he had bothered to disclose some information about his profession. With the fact, he kept everything under wraps, the net worth of Laurence K. Avanzino can’t be estimated.


Laurence K. Avanzino was one of those fathers, who worked hard in their lives and provided a good upbringing to their children so that they could achieve big things in their lives.