Lizabeth Lockhart Parents and siblings, Physical appearance and more

Lizabeth Lockhart

Lizabeth Lockhart is an actress from America who belongs to a family of celebrities. From her mother to her sister, almost everyone from her family is active in the entertainment industry and each of them has achieved success in their respective careers as well. If you are already curious to find out more about Lizabeth Lockhart, read this article in detail.

Bio of Lizabeth Lockhart

Lizabeth Lockhart is the 69-year-old daughter of June Lockhart and John Maloney. Despite the fact that Lizabeth Lockhart is an actress, there is nothing available about her love life. Considering her age, we believe that she might be a married woman right now.

Wiki of Lizabeth Lockhart

Here again, Lizabeth Lockhart has not revealed much information about her basic life details including her ethnicity, religious beliefs, spirituality, personal interest, social presence, hobbies, and other such details. The only thing we are sure about Lizabeth Lockhart here is her American nationality.

Parents and siblings

Lizabeth Lockhart is the youngest of two daughters of  June Lockhart and John Maloney, who could not have a happy and long married life. They got married in 1951 and divorced in 1959 just within 8 years. If you talk about their professions,  the mother of Lizabeth Lockhart is an actress but her father has not disclosed anything related to his profession.

Speaking of siblings of Lizabeth Lockhart, she has one older sister, Anne Lockhart, who is also a renowned actress.

Physical appearance

Considering the fact that Lizabeth Lockhart is an actress, you can assume beauty. She is a drop-dead gorgeous woman with beautiful facial features. Her big eyes, fair complexion, and charming smile make her look stunning.

Early life and education

Neither the parents of Lizabeth Lockhart nor she herself has revealed any information about the early life as well as the educational background of Lizabeth Lockhart. However, we believe that she must have had a wonderful childhood and a top-quality education because she is the daughter of a celebrity mother.

Career and future plans

Lizabeth Lockhart

We already know that Lizabeth Lockhart is an actress by profession and she has been active in this profession all through her life. With the fact that she is already 69 years old right now, we don’t think she would be thinking about changing or doing something different in her professional career in the future.

Hobbies and favorite things

Though Lizabeth Lockhart is an actress and much of her life details are known to the public, she hasn’t let the information about her hobbies and favorite things come out. So, how can you expect us to tell you something confirmed about this?

Lizabeth Lockhart Net worth

Not just her personal life details but Lizabeth Lockhart has not made anything public about her earning and net worth either. Given this fact, the estimated net worth of Lizabeth Lockhart is not known.


Lizabeth Lockhart is the daughter of an actress, so making her career debut in the film industry must not have been much difficult for her. However, she is yet to achieve like her mother.