Kurt Warner’s Net Worth, Early Life, Career, and Personal Life

Kurt Warner's Net Worth, Early Life, Career, and Personal Life

Kurt Warner is a retired football player who has continued to inspire many people. While he is known as one of the best players, his career did not begin on a silver platter. After failing to sign a deal, he accepted a job at a grocery store and earned slightly above 5 dollars per hour.

Despite the early challenges, Kurt continued associating with football professionals and found his way back into football. Over the years, he has played numerous seasons and amassed a handsome net worth.

Early Life and Career

Kurtis Warner was born on June 22, 1971, in Burlington, Lowa. He began being interested in football during his high school days when he joined the school team. At Cedar Rapids, Kurtis began showing potential that he was considered a football star in school.

After graduating, he joined the University of Lowa’s Panthers team. Despite showing signs of success, and even winning the Offensive Player of the Year Award from Gateway Conference, his career stagnated for a while.

The 1994 Draft was unsuccessful for Kurt, as he was not drafted. Shortly afterward, he was invited to Green Bay Packers training camp but was released afterward. Due to failing to sign a deal with a team, he was forced to accept a job at a grocery store to cater for his needs.

Still, Kurt continued associating with football and became an assistant coach at his former college. In 1995, Kurt became a star after he joined the Arena Football League to play with the Lowa Barnstormers. He led his team into two Arena Bowl appearances.

Due to Kurt’s success at AFL, he was signed by the St. Louis Rams and played for NFL Europe. After relocating back to the United States, Kurt got lucky as the second-string quarterback after Trent Green. After Green was sidelined, Kurt got the opportunity he had been waiting for, all his life.

His performance was so successful that he shocked his team. After 4353 throwing Yards and 40 touchdown passes, he led the Rams into a Super Bowl victory, that year.

Kurt’s career began growing steadily. In 2000, he signed a $47 million contract with the Rams. He played half of the season before he got injured. While that year the Rams missed the Super Bowl, it won its second NFL MVP Award.

After playing for a few seasons, Kurt retired in 2010. He spent his last four seasons at Arizona Cardinals, where he led his team into the Super Bowl in 2008. After retirement, the star joined NFL Network as an analyst.

Moreover, Warner has worked with other stations including Fox Sports and Westwood One, for Monday Night Football.

Net Worth

Kurt Warner's Net Worth, Early Life, Career, and Personal Life

Kurt Warner’s net worth is $30 million. Warner has had a successful career as a footballer and analyst, enabling him to achieve such a net worth. Although it seemed that Kurt would not be successful in football, he finally found success and got deals with numerous teams, including the Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Rams.

After a successful football career, Kurt has also served as a sports analyst for various channels.