Joyce Meyer’s Net Worth – What We Know

Joyce Meyer’s Net Worth – What We Know

You probably know Joyce Meyer for her different professions, including being an author, preacher, writer, televangelist, etc. However, do you know how much she is worth? This post will guide you into understanding how much Joyce Meyer is worth. Moreover, we will share more about her life to understand how she has managed to earn her wealth and what professions she has capitalized on. Hopefully, anything you want to know about Joyce Meyer will be addressed in this post. Let’s begin!

Biography of Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer’s Net Worth – What We Know

Apart from knowing her as a Christian speaker, there is more to her life. Joyce Meyer is an American female born on June 4, 1943, in St Luis, Missouri. Joyce hasn’t shared much about what her early life and childhood was like.

We have no facts about who her parents are or whether she has siblings. Her private lifestyle about her past has made it challenging for us to dig deeper. However, now that she is in the limelight, recent details about events or occasions surrounding her life are easy to notice and gather more information on them.

Relationship and Controversies

Joyce Meyer’s birth name is Pauline Joyce Hutchison. She is the wife of Dave Meyer and the couple lives in St. Louis, Missouri. Moreover, they are parents to four children. We don’t have the names of her children and even their birth date and the level of education they are currently at remains unknown.

As for controversies, Joyce and her husband have been involved in a few controversies. Their issues pertained their extravagant lifestyle that included several homes. Besides, Meyers uses a private jet to move between places and she was unapologetic about it. In response to the controversy, she stated that she isn’t apologetic for being blessed.

Joyce Meyer’s Net Worth and Career Earnings

Joyce Meyer s a pastor, bible teacher, author, motivational speaker, and much more. Pastor Joyce Meyer has a net worth of $8 million and she attributes this to her work, especially her prophetic calling to become a pastor and share her insights with the world.

As a child, Joyce was sexually abused and although she had a tough time, she ended up becoming born-again while she was in elementary school. At this point, she was devoted to work on her spiritual calling and was taking more time to put her faith in God, despite the hardships she was facing.

At one point, Joyce was invited by “Our Savior’s Lutheran Church” to become their associate pastor. Notably, Joyce has touched the hearts of many with her teachings. In fact, her bible teachings were so popular that she sought the help of radio to broadcast them. Joyce then formed her ministry in 1985 and named it, “Life in the Word.”

Joyce then started airing her program and teachings on a weekly session. She is currently a popular motivational speaker, preacher, bible teacher, and evangelist. It’s from her services and profession that she earns her living and has managed to have a net worth of $8 million.