k’mari Mae Epps: Her Background, Parents, and Net Worth

k'mari Mae Epps: Her Background, Parents, and Net Worth

K’mari Mae Epps, the daughter of American celebrities Omar Epps and Keisha Epps, has garnered considerable attention due to her famous lineage. While her life remains largely private, this article aims to shed light on this young woman, her family background, and her potential net worth.

Background and Family

K’mari Mae Epps, born in July 2004, is best known as the daughter of the acclaimed actor Omar Epps and former R&B singer, Keisha Epps. She has two siblings, Aiyanna Epps and Amir Epps. Showing an interest in her mother’s career path, K’mari expressed a desire to become a professional singer at age 16. Despite her family’s fame, little else is known about her as her parents tend to keep their family life private.

The Epps family is a closely-knit unit, with both parents highly protective of their children’s privacy. K’mari Mae’s father, Omar Epps, is notorious for his discretion, seldom sharing family photos on social media. On the other hand, her mother, Keisha Epps, occasionally shares family moments on her Instagram account, offering glimpses into their private lives.

Omar Epps, The Father

Born on July 20, 1973, in Brooklyn, New York, Omar Hashim Epps is a renowned name in Hollywood. Not only a skilled actor, but Omar also has credits as a rapper and producer, having been part of a rap group before venturing into acting. His breakthrough role came in the movie “Juice,” where he shared screen time with luminaries like Tupac Shakur and Samuel L. Jackson.

Omar’s acting prowess has led him to feature in many critically acclaimed movies and TV series, earning him several awards including the Black Reel Award, Teen Choice Award, and Screen Actors Guild Award. In 2006, Omar tied the knot with Keisha, and the couple has two children together. Omar also has a daughter, Aiyanna, from a previous relationship.

In 2018, Omar added ‘author’ to his list of achievements with his autobiographical book, “From Fatherless to Fatherhood.”

Keisha Epps, The Mother

Born on May 27, 1971, Keisha Epps is an accomplished singer and actress. She was a member of the R&B group ‘Total,’ and has acted in movies like “The Devil You Know” and “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.” Active on social media, she often shares pictures of her family on Instagram. Keisha and Omar’s marital life is a testament to their strong bond, with Omar mentioning in an interview that breaking up was never an option for them.

Net Worth

While K’mari Mae Epps’ personal net worth remains undisclosed, her father Omar Epps boasts an impressive net worth of approximately $15 million. Whatever path K’mari chooses for her career, she undoubtedly has a strong financial foundation to support her endeavors.

Fun Facts

In celebration of K’mari’s 17th birthday, Keisha shared a series of photographs on Instagram, revealing K’mari’s striking resemblance to her mother.


Though K’mari Mae Epps is mostly recognized as the child of famous parents, she is a young woman with her own dreams and aspirations. As she steps into adulthood, the world will undoubtedly be watching to see what she accomplishes.


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