Kenny Smith Net Worth Career, Professional Details, & More

Kenny Smith Net Worth Career, Professional Details, & More

Kenny Smith is among the greatest sports athletes, who is counted among rich players in the United States. He was born on 8 March 1965 in Queens, NY.

In this article, you are going to learn so much about Kenny Smith, some astrological factors that make him such a successful sports personality, and a lot more about his life insights.

Birth Details

Kenny was born on 8 March 1965 in Queens, NY. His birth at such a prime city means he was born to do something big for sure.

Who Are His Parents?

He is the son of Annie Mae Smith, who is now a proud mom because of her son. We don’t have correct information on his dad and that is a little shocking.


By profession, Kenny Smith is a basketball player. As of 2024, he is American sports commentator and former basketball player due to his age. He is now 59 years old in 2024. He used to play in the NBA between the years 1987 to 1997.

His Teams

He has been a part of several teams and here’s a complete list of that:

  • Sacramento Kings (1987–1990)
  • Atlanta Hawks (1990)
  • Houston Rockets (1990–1996)
  • Detroit Pistons (1996)
  • Orlando Magic (1996–1997)
  • Denver Nuggets (1997)

Career Details

Over the years, Kenny Smith has been a part of multiple teams as listed above. For each team, he has given incredible contribution.

Sacramento Kings (1987–1990)

Kenny got drafted as the 6th overall pick for this team This was Kenny’s debut to the NBA world with such an incredible draft record.

Atlanta Hawks (1990)

He played for this team for less than one season. Kenny was traded to this team mid season and he was supposed to play for the remainder part of the season in 1990.

Houston Rockets (1990–1996)

This were Kenny’s golden years in his athletic life. This was the duration in which he earned most of the name and fame along with a lot of global recognition. During these 6 years, Kenny gave his best shots of his life, which made him so famous and at the top of the sports industry.

Detroit Pistons (1996)

He played for a very short time for the team in 1996.

Orlando Magic (1996–1997)

Kenny switched his team in the late 1996 and played the remaining season of 1996.

Denver Nuggets (1997)

He played his last season with this team before retiring from professional basketball.

Net Worth

Kenny’s net worth is expected to hit $22 million in the year 2024, which will be his all-time high.


We can say that Kenny sure played some of the greatest times with the Houston Rockets for 6 years, which were his golden years. Those 6 years gave him all the name, fame, and spotlight that he still enjoys till date. Even if he’s retired, he is still attached to the sports industry in the form of a commentator. Not only that keeps the true NBA spirit alive in him, but is also helping him earn a living and keep his net worth raising every year.