Suzi Egli Wiki, Parents and siblings, Physical appearance and more

Suzi Egli

Suzi Egli is a celebrity spouse from America who is getting to enjoy popularity because of her husband, Jack Hanna, who is a retired American zookeeper and former director of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Thpugh Suzi Egli is not as active in the public as her husband, she is still quite popular. Here allow us to talk about the life details of Suzi Egli.

Bio of Suzi Egli

Suzi Egli is a 77 years old celebrity spouse. There is no information available about the parents of Suzi Egli. If you talk about her married life, the lady is enjoying a happy married life right now and the name of her husband is Jack Hanna. The two got married in 1968 and have already completed 50 years of their togetherness after having three children together.

Wiki of Suzi Egli

Suzi Egli was born on 20th July 1947 in the USA and is a citizen of America. This is all the information you can get about the basic life of Suzi Egli. From her ethnicity to faith and hobbies to personal interests, Suzi Egli has not disclosed any information about her basic life.

Parents and siblings

You are unlikely to find any information about the parents as well as siblings of Suzi Egli because information related to her family background is completely unknown to the public. Suzi Egli herself has never ever preferred to discuss these details in public.

Physical appearance

Suzi Egli is a beautiful lady with a pretty smile. Even at the age of 77, she has maintained her fitness and looks really younger. Her hair is whitish brown, eyes are expressive, and height would be around 5 feet 6 inches.

Early life and education

Since Suzi Egli herself is not a celebrity, nothing is available about her early life and childhood. If you talk about the educational background of Suzi Egli, nothing much is known about this either. The only available information in this regard is that Suzi Egli completed her graduation from Muskingum University in 1969.

Career and future plans

Suzi Egli has not revealed any information about her profession. Given the fact, it is not possible to sum up the career details of Suzi Egli. In addition to that, the pretty lady has also never bothered to talk about future plans.

Hobbies and favorite things

Suzi Egli

Although no confirmed the information is available about the hobbies of Suzi Egli but we believe that she has a special love for animals like her husband because she has been often seen playing with animals.

Suzi Egli Net worth lifestyle

Saying anything about the net worth of Suzi Egli without having any information about her profession is not possible. Given this fact the net worth of Suzi Egli can’t be estimated. However ,considering the way Suzi Egli is living her  it seems like she has his money in her pocket at the moment.


Since Suzi Egli is a celebrity wife, she could have remain in the headlines of the media all the time but she enjoys her own comfort and peace and remains away from all this.