Stacy Deluke: Wife of Erik Prince, Owner of Blackwater

Stacy Deluke: Wife of Erik Prince, Owner of Blackwater

Stacy Deluke is the spouse of Erik Prince. This article with help you learn more about her


There’s no information about her on the internet, so we can’t provide any details about her background. Stacy Deluke is popularly known as the wife of Eric Prince. However, there is little information provided online about her personal life.

Marriage with Eric Prince

Stacy Deluke: Wife of Erik Prince, Owner of Blackwater

Stacy Deluke is married to Eric Prince. Eric is popularly associated with Blackwater, a security company located in North Carolina. The exact date of their marriage is unknown, but according to reports, they got married in 2003.

Appearances in Public

Stacy Deluke only occasionally appeared in public with her husband. In 2016, she posted a picture inside Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters on election night on social media. And this was the first public appearance after 13 years. So, this shows her support for her husband’s work.


It is found in some online sources that she worked as a Spokesperson for Blackwater. However, this information is unverified. So we don’t have much details about her career.

Her Spouse. Erik Prince

Erik Prince, whose full name is Erik Dean Prince , was born in 1969, is a controversial businessman who has left a mark in the world of private military companies. Prince is the founder of Blackwater, a private military company that became widely known during the Iraq War but also drew unparalleled attention to the misdeeds of its contractors. Prince started candidly from nothing; he served in the U.S. Navy SEALs and later used the obtained skills to create Blackwater in 1997. In the initial stages, the company focused on training various law enforcement and military structures.

After the events of 9/11 the situation offered chances leading Blackwater to win contracts, for security services in Iraq and Afghanistan from the U.S. Government.

Blackwater experienced expansion, reaching a point where it hired thousands of employees and established itself as a player, in the private security industry. In 2007 there was a shooting, in Baghdad involving Blackwater contractors that resulted in the deaths of 17 civilians tarnishing the companys reputation. This incident triggered outrage and legal battles leading to a loss of trust from the government contracts. Subsequently Blackwater rebranded itself as Academi to distance itself from its history.

Looking at Erik Princes activities beyond Blackwater he remains a figure of interest. He has been involved in business ventures such as attempting to establish a security force in troubled Somalia and exploring the idea of starting a space tourism company. His political affiliations have also sparked conversations as he is known for his support for former U.S. President Donald Trump and his advocacy for increased privatization of the military.

Erik Princes legacy is multifaceted. Continues to be a topic of debate. While he is recognized for pioneering the Private Military Company (PMC) industry criticisms have been directed at his methods and his companys practices. His impact, on the security landscape and ongoing ventures ensure that discussions surrounding him will persist for years to come.