Santiago Rulli Galliano: Background, Siblings, Parents & Passion

Santiago Rulli Galliano: Background, Siblings, Parents & Passion

Santiago Rulli Galliano, who was born on 15 January 2010 in Mexico isn’t your typical teenager. He is a celebrity child born to celebrity parents Cecilia Galliano, an Argentine actress and model, and Sebastian Rulli, a Mexican heartthrob actor and model.

Sibling Love and Education

Santiago Rulli Galliano is at an early stage of his life enjoying the care and support from his family. And while Santiago is a celebrity child, he has a half-sister from Cecilia’s first relationship named, Valentina Galliano. But his parents did not give him a younger sibling before their separation. Speaking about education, details about Santiago’s education are understandably private. However, his parents seem to be big education fans as well as public figures. So we can probably assume he has a quality education.

Santiago Rulli Galliano Appeared on Television

Young Santiago has already made an appearance on the television. He followed in his mother’s footsteps and performed with her in the Mexican program ‘Mi famoso y yo’. That gave him a taste of the entertainment industry and perhaps a future career path. The young celebrity child is indeed blessed to have such accomplished parents.

Future Speculations for Santiago Galliano

Given his age, personal details about Santiago are understandably scarse. Social media says little and his parents both chose to keep him out of the spotlight. This privacy gives him a normal childhood, away from the fame and public imposition. For all we know, little Santiago Galliano may grow up embracing the media. Untill then, we have to go by what his parents decided to share about the family.

A Showbiz Family

Santiago Rulli Galliano: Background, Siblings, Parents & Passion

As a professional model, Cecilia Galliano has also worked in acting and television presenting in her native Argentina. She appeared in numerous telenovelas and has become a popular personality in Mexico. Similarly, Sebastian Rulli has created a niche for himself in Mexican entertainment. From Argentina, he moved to Mexico for acting work. His talent and charisma made him a star across Latin America with telenovela appearances and lead roles. Some media put his net worth at several millions.

Santiago Galliano’s Celebrity Parents Are Divorced

Cecilia and Sebastian were a great couple and their marriage brought many fans joy. They tied the knots in 2007 but their union didn’t last forever. The couple divorced in 2011. Although Santiago Galliano’s parents are separated, they remain committed as co-parents to their son.

The Weight of Legacy

With such accomplished parents comes speculation about Santiago’s future and career path. Will he go into entertainment or will he make his own path? Time will tell. One thing is certain! The young superstar can achieve any heights he sets his mind to. Moreover, the genes are in Santiago and he’s seen the work required to succeed in the show business. So whether he chooses to follow in his parents’ footsteps or carve his own path, we wish him all the best.