Risa Mora-Moreno: The Wife of Chino Moreno

Risa Mora-Moreno: The Wife of Chino Moreno

Chino Moreno, the lead singer of Deftones shines in the eye while his wife Risa Mora Moreno prefers a more private existence. However her behind-the-scenes encouragement is a cornerstone in the musician’s life. Tying the knot with Moreno in 2012 Risa has become a foundation for their family unit, which includes Moreno’s two children from a previous marriage.


Information about Risa’s background is not publicly available. Glimpses into their shared life surface through Moreno’s actions. In 2013 the Deftones’ frontman made a move to Bend, Oregon, with his family. This shift towards a quieter setting indicates Risa’s influence in valuing a family oriented lifestyle.

One public display of their connection came to light in 2018. While on tour with Deftones in Los Angeles, Moreno came across a rescue pug facing euthanasia. The pug named Scarlett found a home with the Morenos, thanks to Risa’s involvement. This gesture not showcases their compassion, for animals. Also suggests Risa’s nurturing demeanor.

Despite staying off the limelight of music, it’s evident that Risa holds importance in Chino Moreno’s world. Her steadfast support enables him to juggle the pressures of being a rockstar while maintaining the comfort and happiness of home life.

Her Husband, Chino Moreno

Risa Mora-Moreno: The Wife of Chino Moreno

Known for his singing emotional screams and magnetic on stage charisma, Chino Moreno is the driving force behind the alternative metal group Deftones. Originally named Camillo Wong, Moreno and born in 1973 in California and his creative path started in Sacramento. His mixed heritage – Mexican, Chinese, Irish and Native American – greatly influenced his outlook.

Moreno’s love for music blossomed during the years and was inspired by bands such as Depeche Mode and The Cure. This passion drove him to co found Deftones in 1988 with Stephen Carpenter, Abe Cunningham and Chi Cheng influenced by the Sacramento music scene. Deftones unique blend of rock, metal and shoegaze created a captivating sound that balanced heaviness with melody.

One of Moreno’s standout features in Deftones is his vocals. He effortlessly shifts between a tenor and a powerful scream, adapting to the bands musical landscape and crafting memorable melodies that linger long after the music fades away. His enigmatic and introspective lyrics explore themes of isolation inner struggles and self-discovery deeply resonating with fans who connect with the emotion conveyed.

In addition to his talents, Moreno showcases his skills as an artist through the distinctive artwork featured on Deftones album covers. This artistic contribution adds another dimension to the bands identity showcasing Moreno’s creativity always seeking new forms of expression.

Moreno has shared his skills with side endeavors, such, as the experimental rock group Team Sleep, the electronic rock duo Crosses and the short-lived supergroup Palms. Through each project he delves into genres displaying his versatile artistic abilities.

With his achievements Moreno keeps a low profile on his personal life. He seldom agrees to interviews choosing to allow his music to communicate on its own. This mysterious image enhances his allure cementing his position as a solid figure in rock music.