Richard Carleton Meeker Wiki, Early life and education and more

Richard Carleton Meeker

Marriage is a union of love and happiness for some people but, for some, it is a source of popularity and stardom. Richard Carleton Meeker was the person who falls in the second category because he got public attention because of his ex-wife Mary Tyler Moore, a renowned American actress and Filmmaker. Today, let us tell you the life information of Richard Carleton Meeker.

Bio of Richard Carleton Meeker

Richard Carleton Meeker lived in this world for 86 years and is no longer alive today. The names of his parents were Carleton Ludlow Carl Meeker and Lillian Ross Gill. If you talk about the married life of Richard Carleton Meeker, he got married twice in his life.

His first marriage was with the American actor and film producer Mary Tyler Moore which lasted from 1955 to 61. Then, he married Jeanette Stein Meeker in 1968 and probably remained together with her till his last breath. He had one child out of both marriages.

Wiki of Richard Carleton Meeker

Richard Carleton Meeker was born in 1927 and died in 2013 at the age of 86. This is all you can get about the basic information of Richard Carleton Meeker. From his ethnicity to religious beliefs and personal interests to political views, everything is hidden from the public.

Parents and siblings

Apart from the names of the parents, not much information is available about the family background of Richard Carleton Meeker, and their names are Carleton Ludlow Carl Meeker and Lillian Ross Gill. As for the siblings of Richard Carleton Meeker, no information is available about them.

Physical appearance

Richard Carleton Meeker was alive decades ago and there was not this much media and social media at that time and he maintained a private life as well. This is the reason it is not really possible to write down the physical appearance of Richard Carleton Meeker.

Early life and education

The information related to the early life and educational background of Richard Carleton Meeker is completely hidden from the public because it has not been revealed by Richard Carleton Meeker himself ever.

Career and future plans

Richard Carleton Meeker was a professionally well-established man. First, he served in the US Army during the Korean War conflict and WWII. After retiring from there, he pursued his career in advertising and marketing sales and remained active in that for almost 30 years.

Hobbies and favorite things

Richard Carleton Meeker was a man with a bunch of hobbies. He used to enjoy fishing, gardening, and listening classical music. In addition to that, he also had a special love for traveling and had travelled different countries with his wife.

Richard Carleton Meeker Net worth

Well, the exact net worth of Richard Carleton Meeker is not known but we believe that he definitely had a good amount of money in his life because he lived his life like a king. He enjoyed huge luxuries and comfort in his life, and it must have been possible only because of his stunning amount of net worth.


Richard Carleton Meeker lived a peaceful and happy life and he died peacefully as well. Life could be this much favourable only for fortunate people and Richard Carleton Meeker was definitely one of them.