Recalling Memorable Life Of Minnie Mae Hood Presley

Recalling Memorable Life Of Minnie Mae Hood Presley

Minnie Mae Hood Presley was a low life person who lived pretty long, for about 89 years. She is one of those famous buried ladies who the world would like to know.

So in this article we have highlighted some of the most important and interesting details that we could gather about Minnie Mae Hood Presley.


Minnie was born on 17 June 1890 in Fulton, MI, USA and died in the year 8 May 1980 at Memphis, TN, USA.

She is buried at  Graceland, Memphis, TN, USA and has lived a low life throughout her life. She is not known to have lead a high profile life or has made a unique identity all on her own.

Love Life

Minnie has has a fantastic love life as she was married to Jessie D. McClowell Presley throughout her life. Minnie never married more than once and neither did Jessie, which proves that the couple were in a true love with each other. We cannot find out the exact date of marriage because it’s very old data.



All together Minnie and Jessie made Vernon Presley and Vester Presley.

1.    Vester Presley

Born on 11 September 1914 at Fulton, MI, United States. He is known to have starred in the movies This Is Elvis and Elvis: Memories, which registered the name of the Presley family in the books of the entertainment industry. Vester was finally laid in peace forever on 17 January 1997 at Memphis, TN, United States.

2.    Vernon Presley

Recalling Memorable Life Of Minnie Mae Hood Presley

Vermon also starred in multiple movies, again helping Presley make it to the history of the American entertainment industry. He starred in:

  • Hee Haw: 1969
  • Tour: 1972
  • Elvis in Concert: 1977

Vernon was born on 10 April 1916 at Fulton, MI, USA and died at an age of 63 years on 26 June 1979 at Memphis, TN, USA. His first recorded marriage was with Gladys Presley from 1933 to 1958 and the latter marriage with Davada “Dee” Stanley from 1960 to 1977. Gladys Presley was a musical artist by profession and got famous further for being the wife of Vernon.


Minnie Mae Hood Presley has multiple grandchildren:

  • Jessie Garon Presley
  • Elvis Presley

They came from Vernon. We cannot confirm whether Vester had any children and spouse at all because these facts are very old, dating back 100 years ago.

Elvis Presley

Vernon’s son Elvis Presley followed his father’s footsteps and entered the show business. He was an American singer and actor who was born on 8 January 1935 and died at an age of 42 on August 16, 1977. He married Priscilla Presley, who is an American businesswoman and actress and still alive in the year 2024.

Elvis Presley’s kids include:

  • Lisa Marie Presley (American singer-songwriter)
  • Navarone Garibaldi (American musician)

Death Details

The public figure said goodbye to the world forever on 8 May 1980 and we don’t know what was the exact reason for her death. But she now rests in peace at a meditation garden. All her descendants are also buried near Minnie Mae Hood Presley.


Minnie Mae Hood Presley was a simple woman whose kids entered the show business, which made her a famous public figure. Starting Mae’s children’s level hierarchy, every one or the other person was in the show business.