Raquel Donofrio: Background, Career, Family, and Social Life

Raquel Donofrio: Background, Career, Family, and Social Life

In the ever-growing landscape of reality television, some stars shine brighter than others. An example is Raquel Donofrio, daughter of the late Angela Raiola popularly known as Big Ang from the VH1’s Mob Wives. This dynamic duo left an imprint on the entertainment industry with their raw authenticity and big personalities. In this blog, we shall be discussing Raquel Donofrio regarding her background, personal life, social life, career, and more. Let’s dive in!

Background and Early Life

Raquel Donofrio: Background, Career, Family, and Social Life

Raquel Donofrio was born September 28, 1989, in Staten Island, New York, following her mother’s meteoric rise to fame. And despite the pressures of the limelight, Raquel has found her own way, embracing her Italian-American heritage and working in entertainment.

Raquel had a close relationship with her mother growing up. She was Big Ang’s only child and often accompanied the outspoken matriarch to events and appearances. That early exposure to celebrity undoubtedly shaped Raquel’s resilience and adaptability.

Raquel Donofrio’s Personal Life & Relationship

In her personal life, Raquel has remained relatively private. She keeps her romantic relationships a secret. Yet she has come clean about wanting to become a parent, something her mother would have cherished so much if she were alive.

Raquel’s Career: Everything from Reality TV to Entrepreneurship

Raquel has built a career that reflects her versatility and entrepreneurial drive. She began by imitating her mom on “Mob Wives” and its spin-off “Miami Monkey”. But Raquel had ambitions way beyond reality television.

Understanding the power of social media, Raquel has built up a huge following on sites like Instagram, where she posts glimpses of her life and advertises various businesses. Her entrepreneurial endeavors includes a clothing line called Resurrection World. The name was in honor of her Italian heritage and late mother.

Raquel has also created a brand for cosmetics and hair extensions. She has a business mind and is a marketing savvy. This have made her a great fan base.

Angela Raiola- The Big Ang

Talking about Raquel Donofrio would be incomplete without talking about her mother, Angela Raiola, known as “Big Ang.” Born June 30, 1960, in Brooklyn, New York, Big Ang was anything but average. Having a supposed Genovese crime family, Big Ang mentioned growing up in the shadow of the Italian-American underworld. Ultimately though, her biggest selling point was her big personality and sharp wit.

Big Ang was the social butterfly at all the events, parties and gatherings. She was quickly a fan favorite on Mob Wives due to her honest commentary and loyalty to her family. And Big Ang’s entertainment career was a testament to her strength and determination. She battled cancer that took her life in 2016 but never gave up hope of inspiring others. Outside of the screen world, Big Ang ran several successful businesses. Her bar, the Staten island-based Drunken Monkey solidified her status as a true entrepreneur.

Big Ang had a net worth of around USD 1 million when she died, a testament to her work and business acumen. However, her real legacy is more than material wealth. It is the impression she left on those who knew her and on the millions of fans who appreciated her down to earth authenticity.