Nyasha Newton Wiki, Personal Life, Kids, & More

Nyasha Newton Wiki, Personal Life, Kids, & More

Nyasha Newton is the mother of a British actress Thandiwe Newton. While Thandiwe is British, her mom Nyasha remains of a different nationality. In addition to this interesting detail, you can keep reading this article to know more amazing facts about Nysha Newton in brief.


Nyasha’s birth name was Nyasha Jombe, which was changed to Nyasha Newton after her marriage with Nick Newton.

How Is Her Personal Life?

She is Zimbabwean by nationality and married a British guy later on. Nyasha is a Zimbabwean princess from the Shona tribe in Zimbabwe. She has given her service as a nurse during her time in the United Kingdom. Her personal life has mostly been with the Shona tribe and her family, although we don’t know anything about her mom, dad, or siblings. What we know is that she is the princess of the Shona tribe.

What About Her Love Life?

Yes, her love life is pretty interesting. She married Nick Newton, who is a lab technician in the United Kingdom (2024). He met Nyasha in Zambia. At that time in the year 1970s, Nick was a lab technician. Before that he was a part of a band where he was the guitarist. In his 60s, he quit his band and met Shona tribe’s princess Nyasha. They eventually started dating each other and no one knows how a simple guy came so close to a princess in foreign.

Nick Newton is originally from Penzance.

Do They Have Kids?

Nyasha Newton Wiki, Personal Life, Kids, & More

Of course they have 2 kids in total. Thandiwe Newton is their first kid who was born in Zambia. 3 years after her birth, the couple moved to London permanently and kept raising their kid there. They got their permanent residence, making all of them British citizens.

They also had another kid Jamie Newton but we don’t know exactly where he was born.


Thandiwe Newton is now a British actress, who has been married to Ol Parker since 1998. Since then they have managed their married life pretty well and have two children together. She graduated from the  Downing College, Cambridge with her Bachelor’s Degree In Arts and began her acting career thereafter.

Her notable works include these:

  • Mission: Impossible 2: 2000
  • Westworld: 2016 – 2022
  • Norbit: 2007
  • The Pursuit of Happyness: 2006
  • 2012: 2009
  • Rogue: 2013 – 2017
  • Crash: 2004
  • The Chronicles of Riddick: 2004
  • Beloved: 1998
  • Interview with the Vampire: 1994
  • RocknRolla: 2008
  • Good Deeds: 2012

Her Family Tree

The Shona tribe princess Nyasha has a family tree as well. Her grandchildren include Ripley Parker, who is a writer. She was born on 17 December 2000 to Thandiwe. Thandiwe’s another kid is Nico Parker, who is an actress, just like her mom.


Nyasha is a Shona tribe princess from Zimbabwe, who met and married Nick Newton in Zambia. After that she gave birth to two kids and one of them became a successful British actress. With that kid, her status got even more updated and as her grandchildren grew to fame in the entertainment industry, her status has grown like never before.