Maria Shriver’s Net Worth: Factors Contributing to Her Net Worth

Maria Shriver’s Net Worth: Factors Contributing to Her Net Worth

Maria Shriver is a name synonymous with journalism, activism and philanthropy – and a big net worth. This article covers her early life and net worth.

Early Life and Education

Born in Chicago in 1955, Maria Shriver comes from a wealthy political background. She had a mother who advocated for the intellectually disabled and a father who was the first director of the Peace Corps – Sargent Shriver. Growing up with strong values of public service probably shaped Shriver’s own values.

She did well academically, graduating magna cum laude from Georgetown University with a degree in American Studies. After graduation, Shriver worked in journalism and planned for her future financial independence and social impact.

Net Worth

Maria Shriver’s varied journey has netted her around USD 100 million.

Factors That Contribute to Her Net Worth

So what exactly has made Shriver rich? Here are some of the factors that made her rich:

Building a Lucrative Career: Journalism and Broadcasting Triumphs

Maria Shriver’s Net Worth: Factors Contributing to Her Net Worth

Shriver made the leap to financial security through journalism. She attended Georgetown University and worked for CBS affiliate KYW-TV in Philadelphia. Her intelligence, work ethic and on-air charisma propelled her to anchor weekend editions of the “Today Show” and the “NBC Nightly News.” Shriver during this time became a respected journalist who was paid a good salary for her experience and reach. Her journalism background helped her become financially independent.

Beyond news anchoring: Increasing Horizons

Shrivers passion for journalism extended beyond hosting news shows. She delved into journalism earning a Peabody Award for her coverage of the homelessness issue in the United States. Additionally she served as a correspondent for “Dateline NBC” focusing on concerns, which solidified her reputation as a storyteller dedicated to making a difference. While her journalistic endeavors were not solely driven by gain they contributed to her income and established her as a valuable asset in the media industry.

Beyond Reporting

In addition to reporting, Shriver ventured into production. One of her projects involved executive producing “The Alzheimers Project,” a documentary that raised awareness about Alzheimers disease. This initiative earned her two Emmy Awards and an accolade from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Although these achievements did not directly impact her financial standing, they reinforced her standing in the industry which may open doors to lucrative opportunities in the future.

From Media to Advocacy: A Voice for Change

Shriver lived outside the newsroom. As First Lady of California (2003-2011) and married to Arnold Schwarzenegger, she pushed for social issues of the day. Her causes included women empowerment, children’s rights and mental health awareness. The role was non-salaried but raised her public profile and influenced her to consider lucrative career options when she leaves office.

Settlements and Investments

Shriver reportedly put her net worth up after her highly publicized 2011 divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is unknown what exactly the settlement was but estimates place her in receipt of a significant share of their combined wealth of around USD 100 million. This large financial gain boosted her net worth.


Maria Shriver’s net worth reflects her varied career path, her journalistic credentials and her social cause work. But she is best known as the voice of the voiceless, the advocate of women and for a just society.