Jane Waldhorn Parents and siblings, Physical appearance and more

Jane Waldhorn

Jane Waldhorn is an acclaimed writer who is best recognised for being the wife of celebrated American novelist R. L. Stine and the mother of music producer Matt Stine. Everyone from the family of Jane Waldhorn is a renowned celebrity and so is Jane Waldhorn. Read the article further to have information about the life of Jane Waldhorn.

Bio of Jane Waldhorn

Although Jane Waldhorn is a famous and successful writer, not much information is available about her biography including her age as well as the name of her parents. Moving on to the married life of Jane Waldhorn, she has celebrated 55 years of her togetherness with American renowned novelist R. L. Stine. The couple got married in 1969 and there have been only happy moments for them since then.

Wiki of Jane Waldhorn

If you were expecting to get all the details about the wiki of Jane Waldhorn, let us tell you, you have the wrong idea because other than the American nationality of Jane Waldhorn not even a single piece of information is available about her basic life details.

Parents and siblings

With the fact that Jane Waldhorn has not revealed much information about her life, nothing is available about her parents as well as siblings. Whether you’re interested in finding out their names on their professional details,  unlikely to get anything.

Physical appearance

Jane Waldhorn is a beautiful lady with short hair. She is quite old but still looks gorgeous. All thanks to her natural beauty and modish fashion sense that makes her look adorable.

Early life and education

It’s not only her family life details that Jane Waldhorn has kept away from the eyes of the public but she has not bothered to talk about her early life as well. This is the reason finding out anything about her childhood as well as early education background is not possible.

Career and plans

Jane Waldhorn

You already know that Jane Waldhorn is an author by profession and is quite successful in her professional career as well. If you are curious to find out about her plans, the lady herself has not shared any details publicly regarding it.

Hobbies and favorite things

Nothing is available about the hobbies and favorite things of Jane Waldhorn either. The reason is Jane Waldhorn as well as her family members have preferred to keep such personal details to themselves.

Jane Waldhorn Net worth

Let us come straight forward to the point and tell you that nothing is known about the earnings and net worth of Jane Waldhorn. However, it won’t be wrong to assume that she must have a good net worth because she is a successful writer. As for the net worth of Jane Waldhorns famous husband, R. L. Stine, he is estimated to have around $200 million.


Having a successful professional as well as personal life is indeed a blessing and Jane Waldhorn has been blessed with that. We must say Jane Waldhorn must have worked hard to maintain such balance in her life.