George Mcquarn: Father of Michael McQuarn and Tracey Edmonds

George Mcquarn: Father of Michael McQuarn and Tracey Edmonds
George Mcquarn: Father of Michael McQuarn and Tracey Edmonds

George McQuarn is mostly known as the father of Tracey Edmonds. Although information about him is very scant online, we will share what we know about him in this article.


Information about George Mcquarn’s date of birth and early life is unavailable to the public. However, we do know that the name of his wife is Jacqueline McQuarn and they have two children together; Michael McQuarn and Tracey Edmonds.


Details of his education are not available to the public.


George Mcquarn was the head coach of Titans men’s basketball from 1981-1988. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2017 and was buried at the Inglewood Park Cemetary.

His Children, Michael McQuarn and Tracey Edmonds

George Mcquarn: Father of Michael McQuarn and Tracey Edmonds

Michael McQuarn and Tracey Edmonds are a Los Angeles brother and sister duo in the entertainment industry. From music production to film production they have made a lasting impression on Hollywood.

Born in Los Angeles, Michael and Tracey were exposed to entertainment early on. Their mother Jacqueline McQuarn encouraged their creative pursuits and their father George McQuarn (retired college basketball coach) taught them work ethic.

Michael is the older sibling who got a film degree from UCLA. As a story analyst at Warner Brothers Studios, he sold his first screenplay at age 21. On the other hand, Tracey did not go on to school after high school but her entrepreneurial spirit and eye for talent showed early on.

The siblings crafted Yab Yum Records in the early 1990s. The independent record label was quickly embraced by RnB artists through 550 Music. Michael handled music production while Tracey with her natural charisma and business acumen led artist development and management.

But Yab Yum’s rise to stardom coincides with that of singer-songwriter Jon B. They both saw his potential early on and helped launch his career with hits like Someone to Love and Perfume. The label later discovered and nurtured others such as Lil’ Kim and Blu Cantrell. Yab Yum’s soundtrack for Baby Boy won an American Music Award in 2001.

Beyond music, Michael continued to make film. He became a successful music supervisor for over 45 films and television projects. His knack for music placement has made movies like “Barbershop” and “Hustle and Flow.”

Tracey meanwhile entered film and television production. She started Edmonds Entertainment, which produced “Soul Food” and “Girlfriends.” With her production company she told diverse stories and got more representation on screen.

Their individual net worths are not public but their combined entertainment success suggests they have amassed significant wealth.

Neither Michael nor Tracey have been very open about their private lives. Michael has a son, and Tracey was previously married to producer Kenny Edmonds.

Michael McQuarn and Tracey Edmonds are living proof of sibling collaboration. Individual talents combined with mutual support have made them a lasting influence in the entertainment industry. They have launched music careers and produced shows.