Gary Burghoff’s Net Worth, Career, Income Source, and More

Gary Burghoff’s Net Worth, Career, Income Source, and More

The actor Gary Burghoff who played Corporal Walter Eugene “Radar” O ‘Reilly in the series MAS*H is a television legend. But beyond that memorable character and comedic timing, how much has this iconic actor made financially?

Early Life and Education

Born Gary Erwin Burghoff in Bristol, Connecticut in 1943, artistic expression was part of Gary’s upbringing from a young age. Details about his primary education are scant, but his artistic gifts showed early on.

He was a natural tap dancer and even picked up the drums despite being born with brachydactyly, which affects three fingers on his left hand. But this physical challenge did not discourage him. He learned drumming and led his own jazz trio.

Beyond music, Gary started acting in high school. His school plays were staged and he studied dance at the Belfry Players in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. This early exposure to theatre prepared him for acting.

Following high school graduation, Gary studied professional performing arts training at the HB Studio in New York City. There he trained with renowned instructors in acting for the challenges and opportunities that awaits him in the entertainment industry.

Net Worth

Gary Burghoff has amassed a USD 6 million net worth in Hollywood.

Factors That Contribute to His Net Worth

Gary Burghoff’s Net Worth, Career, Income Source, and More

Here is a break down of what has contributed to Gary Burghoff’s net worth:

MAS*H: The Cornerstone of Success

Most definitive role for Gary Burghoff was as Corporal Walter “Radar” O ‘Reilly on the television series MASH. He reprised the role for the television series that ran from 1972 to 1983. It was a household name with audiences because of Radar’s easygoing personality and Gary Burghoff’s powerful performance.

While specific salary details for his time on MASH are unavailable, actors on successful television shows can command big salaries – especially for long-running series. That role probably gave Gary Burghoff a steady income for more than a decade.

Television Appearances Beyond MAS*H

Besides MAS*H, Gary Burghoff may have had other television roles. Guest-starring roles on popular shows or recurring characters in other series might have added to his income. Details about specific television appearances are sparse but these ventures may have helped his financial worth.

Roles in Film and Voice Acting (Potential Factor)

Gary Burghoff may have also acted on television. He may have appeared in films. His voice acting could also have landed him roles in animated projects. Details on specific film roles and voice acting projects are scarce but could have helped his financial success.

Residual Income and Licensing Deals (Potential Factor)

MASH star Gary Burghoff probably continues to bring in income through syndication deals and streaming services today. He might also have licensing deals for work done for the show or other projects. The residual income and licensing deals can be big for successful actors – especially those with iconic shows like MASH.


Today, Gary Burghoff performs occasional roles in movies or attends fan conventions. This dedication keeps him connected to the audience.