Danna Lynn Blocker: Background, Career, and Net Worth

Danna Lynn Blocker: Background, Career, and Net Worth

Danna Lynn Blocker is mostly known as Dan Blocker’s daughter. This article covers everything you need to know about her.


Danna Lynn Blocker was born in 1953 (currently 71 years old). She has a twin sister whose name is Debra Lee Blocker. The names of her other siblings are David Blocker and Dirk Blocker. There is not much information publicly available about Danna Lynn Blocker’s background beyond this.

Education and Career

There is no information online regarding her education and career.

Net Worth

Danna Lynn Blocker lives a private life, so we cannot give an estimate of her net worth since we have limited information on her career.

Her Father, Dan Blocker

Danna Lynn Blocker: Background, Career, and Net Worth

Born Bobby Dan Davis Blocker in 1928 in Texas, Blocker was big from a young age. Blocker, 6′ 4 “and weighing well over 300 lbs, had a soft nature for a man of his size. He was good in academics and graduated in 1950 from Sul Ross State University. He enjoyed literature and theater and acted in the East – including on Broadway in “King Lear.”

The Korean War interrupted his growing acting career though. Blocker enlisted in the army and served as a Sergeant. He saw heavy combat and was wounded during service. The experience undoubtedly shaped him into a man of courage and leadership.

Blocker returned to Texas after the war and became an educator. He taught high school and elementary drama and English. His size was remembered by students as well as his engaging personality and dedication to their growth.

Blocker never gave up acting while teaching. He still looked for work, eventually moving to California with his wife, Dolphia. There his size and booming voice began to get him noticed in Hollywood. Small roles in films and television shows showed a talent beyond his physical presence.

Everything turned around in 1959 when Blocker auditioned for a new western series titled “Bonanza.” The show’s producers wanted an actor to play Hoss Cartwright, the youngest son of the rich Nevada ranching family. Blocker embodied the character with his mild strength and surprising vulnerability.

Bonanza became a hugely successful runaway hit and made Blocker an international superstar. For fourteen seasons he portrayed Hoss Cartwright as a man of size with a kind heart and sharp intellect. He challenged masculinity stereotypes and stood for social causes. He advocated for Native American rights and was a role model to others who felt different because of appearance.

Blocker became very popular for his character “Hoss” but he never forgot his love of theater. In between scenes of “Bonanza,” he appeared in stage productions of his dramatic range.

A smart businessman as well, he amassed a large net worth through acting and other investments.

But Dan Blocker died too soon. He suffered pulmonary embolism in 1972 after routine gallbladder surgery and died at age 43. The news shocked Hollywood and broke the hearts of millions of fans.

The legacy of Dan Blocker goes far beyond Hoss Cartwright’s character. A decorated soldier, an educator and actor who used his platform for good. His life story teaches us that appearances are misleading and strength can be found where it appears least expected.