Amarah Dean: Career, Background, Education, and Personal Life

Amarah Dean: Career, Background, Education, and Personal Life

Amarah Skye Dean is in the spotlight because of her mother, Alex Martin, and her grandmother, Whoopi Goldberg. But aside famous mother and grandmother, who exactly is this lady?


Amarah Skye Dean was born on November 13, 1989, in the United States. The names of her parents are Alex Martin and H.J. She’s the granddaughter of the famous American actress, Whoopi Goldberg. The names of her siblings are Jerzey Dean and Mason Dean.


Details of her education are unavailable to the public.


Amarah is following in her family footsteps. She competed on the 2014 reality show Claim to Fame. Her famous grandmother Whoopi Goldberg even blessed her to participate and gave her some wise advice! She was evicted from the show on the 7th week.

In addition, Amarah is also an artist (painter). She has done several works of art.

Personal Life

Amarah is a mom. She had a first daughter, Charli Rose Burr-Reynaud, in 2014, making Alex Martin a grandmother and Whoopi Goldberg a great-grandmother. Amarah has a solid relationship with her grandmother, Whoopi Goldberg. She has spoken publicly about their relationship.

Her Mother, Alex Martin

Amarah Dean: Career, Background, Education, and Personal Life

Alexandrea Martin is an American actress and film producer that was born in 1974. Despite the fame of her mother, Whoopi Goldberg, she has managed to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Although she was born into Hollywood royalty, Martin had no set path in life. Details about her education are private but she clearly wasn’t pushed toward acting. Yet the entertainment business caught up early on. Her mother made uncredited appearances in two of her films “The Purple” (1985) and “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993)”.

Martin entered Hollywood officially in the mid-90s. In 1994 she was Miss Golden Globe – a title traditionally awarded to a child of a Hollywood figure. This gave her perhaps a taste of the industry spotlight.

Afterwards she began acting in movies such as American Intellectuals (1999) and Strange as Angels (2003). She also starred in television, though details on particular projects are scarce.

Besides acting, Martin has also explored producing. The extent of this work isn’t widely known but shows her versatility in the entertainment business.

The exact estimate of Martin’s net worth is difficult because her career details are mostly private. It is estimated to be somewhere in the low millions. But financial success probably isn’t her main motivation.

Martin has a mostly private life. She married Bernard Dean, with whom she has three children: daughters Amara and Jerzey and son Mason. Martin became a grandmother when her daughter Amara had a daughter in 2014.

Alex Martin’s story is about finding her own path. But despite inevitable comparisons to her mother, she has made it in Hollywood while acting, producing and raising a family. Although available information about her career is limited, she clearly has created an extraordinary life in the entertainment world, in her own terms.