Alisa Blasingame Wiki, Parents and siblings and more

Alisa Blasingame

Alisa Blasingame is a celebrity spouse who grabbed media attention when her husband, Lilly Wachowski, changed his gender and became a trans woman in 2012. Alisa Blasingame supported the decision of her husband and stood by him in this transition. She is definitely a wise woman who loves her husband devotedly. Today, let us reveal the life details of Alisa Blasingame.

Bio of Alisa Blasingame

The husband of Alisa Blasingame is a celebrity but she herself lives a private life. This is the reason not much information is available about her biography including her age as well as the name of her parents. If you talk about her love life, you already know that the name of her husband is Lilly Wachowski, who is a famous American film director. They got married in 1991.

Wiki of Alisa Blasingame

There is not much information available about the wiki of Alisa Blasingame as well. The only thing we are sure about her is her American nationality. That’s it. Her ethnicity, religious beliefs, personal interests, hobbies, and other such details are yet to come out in public.

Parents and siblings

You are unlikely to get any information about the parents as well as siblings of Alisa Blasingame because she has kept the details related to her parents and siblings under wraps. Whether you are interested in learning about their personal lives or professional careers, you will hardly get anything.

Physical appearance

Alisa Blasingame probably loves to lead a private life. This is why she never makes public appearances and interacts with the media. So, expecting anything about the physical appearance of Alisa Blasingame is hopeless.

Early life and education

No details are available about the early life of Alisa Blasingame including her childhood as well as educational background. Since there is nothing available about the financial condition of her parents, we can’t make any assumptions about her childhood and education either.

Career and future plans

It’s not only the educational details of Alisa Blasingame that are hidden but she has not disclosed anything about her career and future plans either. However, with the fact that she is the wife of such a renowned and established film director, we hope that Alisa Blasingame might be a professionally well-established lady.

Hobbies and favorite things

Like many other life details of Alisa Blasingame, it is not possible to find out anything about her hobbies as well as well favorite things because neither she nor her husband has ever bothered to talk about these details.

Alisa Blasingame  Net worth

To find out the net worth of Alisa Blasingame, we need to have information about her profession and it is completely unknown. Given the fact, the net worth and earnings of Alisa Blasingame can’t be estimated in any way.


The transition of Alisa Blasingame’s husband from a male to a transgender woman was a really big decision and Alisa Blasingame has given her full support to her husband in it without caring about herself. No doubt she truly loves him.